Do I Need Snow Tyres For A Winter Season?

This question is often asked by people going to spend their first season in the mountains. It is a pretty easy question to answer.

Yes, you do need snow tyres if you are planning to use your car in the mountains in the winter.

As an airport transfer driver, when customers asked me about my tyres, I got the impression that many people suspect that winter tyres, or snow tyres, might be a bit of a gimmick. Something else that we don’t need being advertised to us by big companies that want some money out of us. To dispel this myth, you just need to look at the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Romania, Slovenia and Sweden amongst other countries where winter tyres are a legal requirement during the winter months.

Driving on snow with winter tyres as opposed to normal road tyres is a very different experience. If you look at normal road tyres, you will see that the tread runs mainly in the direction of travel, and rather than providing grip, the function of the tread is to allow water to be expelled from beneath the tyre. Snow tyres, however, have deep tread running across the tyre that can grip on snow.

Another big difference is that winter tyres are made of softer rubber. This means that they provide much more grip at lower temperatures. As temperatures fall below 7 degrees, the rubber in normal road tyres becomes much harder and reduces their effectiveness.

But can’t I just put snow chains on when it is snowing?

You could, but as mentioned above, snow tyres are much more effective in the cold, not just on snow and ice. It is also a major hassle putting chains on and more so taking them off. Snow chains must only be used on snow, so if you are travelling down the mountain, you will need to remove them once you get below the snow line, or if you find yourself on a well cleared main road. If you are coming back up the mountain later in the day, you will need to put the chains back on again.

Can I just fit 2 snow tyres?

You do find that a few cars in the mountains will have only fitted two snow tyres to the front wheels (of front wheel drive cars – rear wheel drive cars don’t work well in the snow whatever you do). This is better than having no snow tyres at all, but can be dangerous as the front of your car, with snow tyres and the weight of the engine, will have loads more grip than the back of your car. So, in for a penny, in for a pound, as they say. Get all 4.

Which are the best snow tyres?

Like with anything, you get what you pay for. The big brands are the most reliable. The best tyres I have had are the Michelin Alpin series. Stay away from any tyres that offer a compromise between snow and road. You will see these marketed as 4 season tyres or year round tyres, but they are not great in the snow or on the road.

Doing a season and have people coming to visit?

If you are doing a season this winter and have people coming to visit, have a look at the Shared Transfers page for the best way to get from the airport to resort. All the airport transfer companies on the site will have some good snow tyres fitted!

What are the advantages of shared transfers and taxi sharing?

We think that more people could be sharing taxis and airport transfers. Every day there must be hundreds of thousands of empty seats in licenced vehicles heading either to or from an airport. Car pooling and ride shares have become very popular over the last few years, and we think that the same idea should be extended to filling commercial vehicles. Here are some reasons why:

Sharing taxis and airport transfers is better for the environment.

There are approximately 50,000 commercial flights each day around the world. That is a lot of people to get to and from the airport. If you share a taxi with someone who is travelling in the same direction, then that is one less road journey that needs to be made. On each flight, there MUST be loads of people who are going to the same place from the airport. Anyone doing business will be heading to the city centre. Anyone going skiing will be heading in to the mountains to one of the major ski resorts. Most of the families will be heading to suburbia. Surely we must be able to connect these people and save some fuel emissions?

Taxi sharing or Sharing Airport Transfers can save some money.

This point does not require too much explanation. Your airport transfer or taxi will be cheaper if you share the journey with someone else, because the cost will be divided by the number of passengers.

Taxi drivers and airport transfer companies can utilise spare capacity.

Think of all the taxis and transfer vehicles that travel to the airport every day totally empty, because they are going to pick someone up. All these empty seats could be sold to earn some extra income, which would, in an ideal world, reduce the price of one-way journeys.

Taxi Sharing Saves Time

The more people that share taxis and pre-booked airport transfers, the less people there are waiting in line at the airport. This will save a lot of people a lot of time.

You could make some new friends.

There is a good chance that if you have flown from the same place, and need a ride to the same end destination, then you probably have some things in common with your transfer buddy. Having a chat will make the normally boring transfer go quicker and could lead to a lasting friendship…

Find shared transfers now.

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Filling Vehicles Travelling To And From Airports Is Good For The Environment And Can Help People Save Money


Sharing an airport transfer not only means that the cost of your trip is reduced, it is also better for the environment as it eliminates the need for a separate road journey. But how can people connect with others who will be on the same flight as them (or one that lands around the same time)? The team at have developed a solution where people can easily search a database of journeys posted by people keen to share their transfer. If there are no existing matches, a new journey can be created and added to the database in minutes.

On the other side of the equation, offers local taxi and transfer operators an opportunity to sell any spare capacity. Vehicles are often only booked one-way, which means that the return journey is made empty. Through, these empty seats can be offered to people who are looking for reasonably priced shared transfers allowing the transfer company to earn extra revenue.

“The benefits of sharing transfers go beyond the economic and environmental,” said Dia Barrett, Managing Director of FindTransfers. “The first few hours in a foreign country can be quite daunting. Sharing your journey from the airport is a great way to meet new people and the journey can go so much quicker when you have someone to chat to.” was launched in October 2012 to help connect people looking for airport transportation with local taxi and transfer companies. In the build-up to the European winter season, the main focus has been on helping people find the best transfers to all major alpine ski resorts, but the site is growing fast and now serves anyone looking for transfers from 40 airports and train stations across Europe.


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