Why are airport transfers for 9 people so expensive?

Anyone who has organised a trip for 9 people might have had a shock when they saw the price that they were quoted for airport transfers. It can often be hundreds more expensive than it would have been for 8 passengers. Why is this?

The reason is due to vehicle licencing requirements. Minibuses that seat up to 9 people INCLUDING the driver, that is to say, minibuses with up to 8 passenger seats, are classed in exactly the same way as a car. There is no additional driving licence required, no tachograph required, no restrictions on drivers hours, and no additional costs on the motorway.  This means that most companies favour minibuses with up to 8 passenger seats.

In order to operate minibuses with more than 8 passenger seats, or larger coaches, then companies must employ drivers who have passed a further driving test giving them D1 entitlement (in the EU). The driver must then record all of the hours he has driven on an instrument called a tachograph, and must abide by drivers hours regulations. These regulations limit the number of hours that drivers can work and drive during a day, week or fortnight.

Bigger vehicles are also much more expensive than 9 seater minibuses – not only to buy, but also to run, as they use more fuel and cost more to maintain as they must be taken to specialist workshops.

So to answer the original question, transfers for 9 people are expensive because with most companies your group will need 2 vehicles. If you want a better price, you will have to find a company that operates larger vehicles. On FindTransfers.com, we have companies who specialise in all sizes of groups, so let us do the hard work for you. Fill in our simple enquiry form and get quotes from several airport transfer companies.

New Ways To Help Solo Travellers Enjoy The Benefits Of Group Travel

Travelling in groups can be fun and cost effective. If you have ever gone on holiday on your own because friends or family could not get the time off to join you, or because you love skiing, sailing, sunbathing, hiking or golfing and they do not, then we have a few ideas for your next holiday.

Seats on planes are always priced per person, but getting from the airport to your destination is not so simple. You are often faced with the cost of paying for a private vehicle by yourself. FindTransfers.com is trying to help avoid this with a new Shared Transfers Forum.

Share The Cost Of Your Airport Transfers

The Shared Transfers Page on FindTransfers.com helps you to find other people travelling in the same direction and at the same time. You can then contact each other and arrange to share a taxi or airport transfer and split the cost. Sharing an airport transfer is better for the environment as it will be one less journey made by road, and it can also be a lot more entertaining as you will have someone to chat to on the way.

The Shared Transfers Page also allows local airport taxi and transfer companies to advertise any empty journeys they have in their schedule on a per person basis. This means that you may be able to jump in a taxi or minibus that would otherwise have been making a journey empty and pay a fraction of the cost of a private transfer.

Join A Group Holiday Club

So once you have got a great deal on your airport transfers, there is still the matter of single supplements in hotels to deal with. You may also prefer to be around other people who are in a similar situation to yourself, where you are passionate about a particular type of holiday but do not know anyone who shares your enthusiasm.

A great solution is to join a club that organises these types of holidays and negotiates away single supplements. You therefore get the benefits of group prices and meet people with similar interests.

One such club is www.singlesport.com which is run by Ruth Paul. Ruth organises a range of skiing holidays each winter and has also started to organise summer holidays to beach clubs.