New Ways To Help Solo Travellers Enjoy The Benefits Of Group Travel

Travelling in groups can be fun and cost effective. If you have ever gone on holiday on your own because friends or family could not get the time off to join you, or because you love skiing, sailing, sunbathing, hiking or golfing and they do not, then we have a few ideas for your next holiday.

Seats on planes are always priced per person, but getting from the airport to your destination is not so simple. You are often faced with the cost of paying for a private vehicle by yourself. is trying to help avoid this with a new Shared Transfers Forum.

Share The Cost Of Your Airport Transfers

The Shared Transfers Page on helps you to find other people travelling in the same direction and at the same time. You can then contact each other and arrange to share a taxi or airport transfer and split the cost. Sharing an airport transfer is better for the environment as it will be one less journey made by road, and it can also be a lot more entertaining as you will have someone to chat to on the way.

The Shared Transfers Page also allows local airport taxi and transfer companies to advertise any empty journeys they have in their schedule on a per person basis. This means that you may be able to jump in a taxi or minibus that would otherwise have been making a journey empty and pay a fraction of the cost of a private transfer.

Join A Group Holiday Club

So once you have got a great deal on your airport transfers, there is still the matter of single supplements in hotels to deal with. You may also prefer to be around other people who are in a similar situation to yourself, where you are passionate about a particular type of holiday but do not know anyone who shares your enthusiasm.

A great solution is to join a club that organises these types of holidays and negotiates away single supplements. You therefore get the benefits of group prices and meet people with similar interests.

One such club is which is run by Ruth Paul. Ruth organises a range of skiing holidays each winter and has also started to organise summer holidays to beach clubs.

What are the advantages of shared transfers and taxi sharing?

We think that more people could be sharing taxis and airport transfers. Every day there must be hundreds of thousands of empty seats in licenced vehicles heading either to or from an airport. Car pooling and ride shares have become very popular over the last few years, and we think that the same idea should be extended to filling commercial vehicles. Here are some reasons why:

Sharing taxis and airport transfers is better for the environment.

There are approximately 50,000 commercial flights each day around the world. That is a lot of people to get to and from the airport. If you share a taxi with someone who is travelling in the same direction, then that is one less road journey that needs to be made. On each flight, there MUST be loads of people who are going to the same place from the airport. Anyone doing business will be heading to the city centre. Anyone going skiing will be heading in to the mountains to one of the major ski resorts. Most of the families will be heading to suburbia. Surely we must be able to connect these people and save some fuel emissions?

Taxi sharing or Sharing Airport Transfers can save some money.

This point does not require too much explanation. Your airport transfer or taxi will be cheaper if you share the journey with someone else, because the cost will be divided by the number of passengers.

Taxi drivers and airport transfer companies can utilise spare capacity.

Think of all the taxis and transfer vehicles that travel to the airport every day totally empty, because they are going to pick someone up. All these empty seats could be sold to earn some extra income, which would, in an ideal world, reduce the price of one-way journeys.

Taxi Sharing Saves Time

The more people that share taxis and pre-booked airport transfers, the less people there are waiting in line at the airport. This will save a lot of people a lot of time.

You could make some new friends.

There is a good chance that if you have flown from the same place, and need a ride to the same end destination, then you probably have some things in common with your transfer buddy. Having a chat will make the normally boring transfer go quicker and could lead to a lasting friendship…

Find shared transfers now.

To find people to share transfers with, or to buy empty seats advertised by local operators, visit

Why is it so difficult to get to ski resorts?

Essential reading for anyone who has ever said “How Long?!!” on a ski trip.

It is 2012 – flights from one European country to another typically take less than 2 hours and can cost as little as £30 (if you do not need to take any change of clothes). For the millions of us that live in cities, we are used to having buses, trams, tubes and taxis to take us anywhere we want to go at any time of day or night.

So why is it that traditionally the most difficult part of any ski trip is getting from the airport to resort? And why does it always take so long?

Well, at we think the answer has something to do with mountains.

Normally, every effort is made to build high capacity airports as close as possible to massive tourist destinations. However, when it comes to ski resorts, this is not possible due to the mountainous terrain. There are a few exceptions, such as Sion Airport in Switzerland, Chambéry Airport in France and Innsbruck Airport in Austria, however we have found that these “Mountain” airports are very susceptible to the weather. If there is any fog, low cloud, snow or high winds (which are all fairly common in the mountains during the winter season) then the runways are closed and flights are diverted away, causing havoc for even the most organised independent traveller.

Mountains not only mean that the airports have to be built a bit further away than we would like, but also that getting from the airport to resort is not always straight forward. Switzerland has an excellent public transport system which allows connections from almost any airport to any ski resort. Other countries do not make it so easy. Where there are some trains towards ski resorts, any public transport options often involve a bus – train – walk – bus – walk type of combination, which would be fine if; a) you weren’t on holiday and; b) you didn’t have all your ski clothes and equipment to carry with you.

Journeys by road are by far the most common way of getting to ski resorts, but even this is not as easy as one might think. Speeds are often restricted to keep everyone safe on the winding roads. There is also the chance of heavy snowfalls which make driving conditions hazardous. And if winding roads covered in snow did not sound dangerous enough, they are also full of tourists with little or no experience of driving in those conditions, making everything both slower, and more dangerous, at the same time.

There are a few regular bus services from airports to ski resorts. But please prepare yourself by re-reading the previous paragraph and imagine how much slower this is in a large coach.

These are a few of the reasons why it often takes up to 3 or 4 hours to get from the airport to your ski resort. So what is the best option?

We would highly recommend that you and your group book your own private airport transfer vehicle that is fully equipped for winter conditions, is comfortable, has an experienced driver and is operated by a reputable company. And where can you find a list of these companies all in one place?

If you find that your budget will not stretch to a private transfer, but you would still like a door-to-door airport transfer without having to carry your bags around, then try our shared transfers page. Not only is sharing your journey with others better for the environment and more economical, it also allows you to meet other people. Having a chat will make the journey go quicker and you might meet a new ski buddy.

Obviously, no matter which transfer option you take, you’re still going to spend a night in the local primary school if an avalanche blocks the valley…

Have a good holiday and make the airport transfer an enjoyable part of it!