1000 reviews of airport transfer companies

We are absolutely delighted to announce that on 28 April 2015 we published the 1000th independent review of an airport transfer company on FindTransfers.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all of the users of FindTransfers who have taken the time to leave a review, and congratulate all of the 128 companies (and counting) who have received such excellent feedback.

The aim of FindTransfers is to help people find and book small local taxi and airport transfer companies when they go on holiday. Independent reviews written by other FindTransfers users are absolutely vital in giving people the confidence to book with these companies that are often much cheaper than booking through a large agent, and also offer a better service.

As the number of reviews on FindTransfers grows, we are constantly working hard to improve the system and make it even quicker and easier to find and book airport transfers. We are also expanding to more airports so that we can help more people get a great deal with amazing local companies.

Now, let’s see how long it takes us to get to 2000…

Reviews of three vallee transfers - rated 100% from 3 reviews

Reviews of airport transfer companies and taxis

As part of the new FindTransfers system that was launched in September 2014, you can now read reviews of taxis and airport transfer companies written by FindTransfers users on FindTransfers.com.

When you book a taxi or transfer company to take you to or from the airport, it is really important that you have full confidence in them. You want to know that they will be there on time, in a nice vehicle, with a responsible and friendly driver, and that they will drive you in comfort and safety to your destination.

All of the reviews of taxi companies on FindTransfers will be written by customers of the taxi company. To review a taxi or airport transfer company you must receive an invite, either from the taxi company, or from FindTransfers. If you would like to review a company on FindTransfers, please email us at hello@findtransfers.com.

Reviewers are asked to rate the taxi or airport transfer company on five criteria:

  • Overall impression
  • Driver
  • Vehicle
  • On-time
  • Value

In addition, reviewers can also write a short review of their experience with the local company.

As part of the taxi review process, it is possible for any taxi or airport transfer company listed on FindTransfers to post a response to a review, so that users of the FindTransfers website will see how well companies react to praise or problems.

The FindTransfers team are very excited about this new feature and hope that it will help people book with great local companies, and give the many excellent companies out there the recognition that they deserve.

You will find a list of all the companies that currently have reviews listed on FindTransfers at www.findtransfers.com/taxi-reviews/

New Shared Transfers Forum

We are pleased to announce the launch of our New Shared Transfers Forum.

FindTransfers is now the only site you need to find the Best Airport Transfers. The FindTransfers system allows you to Quickly And Easily enter your transfer requirements. You can then choose the best transfer company and Book Your Transfers DIRECT, which means you will get the best price with No Commission added. Try FindTransfers today!

Visit our Shared Transfers Forum to find people to Share Transfers with or to Book Shared Transfers offered by local airport transfer companies.

The forum displays posts (IN BLUE) by people who are looking for others to share transfers with. If you do not see anyone with journey details matching your own, then please post your journey!

The Shared Transfers Forum also displays empty seats that are being sold by local companies. You can contact them directly to book with no commission and no booking fees.

Have a look at the Shared Transfers Forum today!

.Shared Transfers