Full area lift pass or local lift pass?

There really is so much to think about when planning a ski trip!

You probably thought that deciding on dates, resort, accommodation and flights was the difficult bit but now you have a few more decisions to make…

Should you buy a full area lift pass or local lift pass?

There are two factors that will help you decide: your budget and your level of ability.

Your budget

Full area lift passes obviously cost more than local area lift passes. The difference in price depends on the ski resort you are going to visit. In some areas the price difference is not too big, whereas in some ski areas the price difference is considerable.

A good way to look at it is to work out the difference in price between the two lift passes. Then divide that by the number of days you will be skiing. The difference will normally be less than €10 / day so if you have one less cup of coffee on the mountain and one less beer in the evening then you can enjoy skiing a much larger area!

Your ability

If you are a complete beginner then this is a no-brainer. You will not need a full area lift pass. You might even find that the resort you are going to offers some sort of “mini pass” that allows you to use a small selection of lifts on the beginner areas.

If you are going to be having ski lessons during your holiday (which is an absolute must for beginners) then it is a good idea to contact the ski school you are using and ask them which lift pass they would recommend for your level.

For intermediate skiers, the decision of whether to buy a full area lift pass vs a local area lift pass is a bit more difficult. While you will normally have plenty of skiing to keep you occupied in your local area, you will have the ability to explore a bit further afield. Skiing the full area might help you decide if you would like to visit a neighbouring resort on your next holiday. Or there might be a really nice restaurant on the pistes of the next valley that you can only reach with the full area pass… If you are a confident skier then it is really down to personal preference.

Don’t get stuck in a different resort

Our last piece of advice on this subject is that if you decide to buy a full area lift pass, then make sure you are aware of what time the last lift is and how long it will take you to get back. It can be an extremely expensive mistake if you get stuck on the wrong side of a mountain when the lifts stop as you will have to ski down to the nearest resort and take a taxi home, which can cost a fortune as they will have to take the long way round the mountain.

What else do we have to decide on?

Is deciding which lift pass to buy your last big decision? Have you bought your ski outfit yet? Goggles or sunglasses? (Goggles) Hat or helmet? (Helmet)…

What about airport transfers? You should have this sorted by now if you are looking at lift passes but if you haven’t then don’t worry. This is where we can help. Just visit FindTransfers.com and get great prices for your ski transfers from local companies. You can then just choose the quote that is right for you!

Have a great time!

How to find ski transfers at the best price

Since 2012, FindTransfers.com has helped thousands of people find the best value ski transfers from airport to resort.


Get several prices for your ski transfers

Using FindTransfers.com to find ski transfers is very simple. You tell us which airport you are flying to, which ski resort you are going to, when you are travelling and how many people are in your party. We then send your ski transfer request to local airport transfer and taxi companies and they send you their best price.

We only work with small, local taxis and airport transfer companies so that you get the best quality ski transfers at the best possible price.

Book ski transfers with a local company

When you receive quotes for your ski transfers through FindTransfers.com, you will be able to see lots of information about the local company and their vehicles. This is different from using an online agent where you have no idea which actual company will meet you at the airport. With FindTransfers you can read about the different companies and see pictured of their vehicles before you choose which one you would like to use.

Reviews of ski transfer companies

New for this winter, you can read reviews of the local taxi and transport companies written by other FindTransfers users. We think that this is a great new feature and will give you confidence in the company that you are booking with.

You can also see a copy of the local company’s licence so that you can be confident that the company you choose for your ski transfers will get you where you need to go in comfort and safety.

Vehicles equipped for your ski transfers

The companies that you will find on FindTransfers for your ski transfers all have experience driving in winter conditions and know the local area well. All of their vehicles will be well equipped with snow tyres and plenty of space for skis and boards. Many of the companies go a little further and only use 4 wheel drive vehicles for your ski transfers.

Cheap Ski Transfers

At FindTransfers we can also help you find cheap ski transfers. Everyday there are hundreds of empty taxis and airport transfer vehicles travelling to or from the airport empty because they are on their way to pick people up or have just dropped off. Our system makes it easy for companies to advertise these empty vehicles at bargain prices so that you get a great deal and they do not have to drive for hours with an empty vehicle.

There really is no better option than using FindTransfers for your ski transfers this winter. You get to compare lots of local companies based on price, review score, quality of their vehicles and their company ethos.

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Packing list for a ski holiday

Packing for a ski holiday can be a rather stressful experience so we thought we would help you with our packing list to give you a better idea of what you really shouldn’t leave at home!

  1. Paperwork – this should be the number one on anyone’s priority list! Put passports, money, travel insurance details, ski hire/lift pass/ski school/accommodation details all in a secure travel wallet and place it in a safe pocket of your hand luggage. This is the one thing that you do not want to forget as having to rush home for passports left on the kitchen table is probably the worst possible start to any holiday. It pays off to be organised!
  2. Ski/Snowboard clothing – right, most of us store these things in one place so this should be fairly straight forward. Make sure you make a list though so nothing is left in the back of the drawer under the bed! Our rough list includes: helmet, ski socks, base layers (thermal), sports bras (ladies only), fleeces, ski gloves, goggles, sunglasses, ski jacket (but you might want to wear this), ski pants.
  3. Other clothes – don’t be tempted to pack the high heels and the UGG boots – both equally useless in snow! A pair of comfy jeans, a couple of hoodies, a few T-shirts, PJs, underwear, socks, gloves, scarf, hat, boots (suitable for walking in the snow/on ice) should see you through the evenings just fine!
  4. If you are taking your own ski/snowboard equipment then make sure you pack it all safely in a suitable bag. If you are taking it on a flight then make sure to check the weight and size regulations of the airline – otherwise your trip could get a lot more expensive than you thought! Once again just a basic list: skis/snowboard, ski/snowboard boots, poles, small rucksack, Transceiver/shovel/probe pack if you own one, etc.
  5. Other stuff you shouldn’t forget: Sunscreen (with high SPF and keep reapplying it!), Lip salve (with SPF), phone + charger, travel plug adaptor, toiletries, moisturiser, camera (if your phone doesn’t have a decent one), iPod, book/tablet/ereader, basic medication (paracetamol, ibuprofen, diarrhoea relief, blister plasters, plasters, deep heat) or if travelling with kids then maybe more than just the basics, stuff to keep the kids entertained (favourite toy, colouring book and other baby essentials if needed.
  6. If you have room left… Small jar of marmite (or not), hair dryer (if your accommodation doesn’t have one), travel iron (no, I am just kidding!!!), water bottles, freezer zip bag for sandwiches, chocolate/granola bars, hand warmers, iPod speakers and fancy dress (might be an essential actually..).

If you don’t fancy dragging all this from your house through the airports to your destination then you should consider using a luggage concierge service. Prices are similar to ski carriage with most airlines but someone takes your bags from your house and leaves them at your accommodation so it is all ready when you arrive. We think it is a lot less stressful and more enjoyable way to travel. We have teamed up with Deliveries to the Alps who offer a 15% discount code to FindTransfers users!

We hope this article will help you with your packing! Have an amazing holiday!