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For immediate release – 13 Dec 2012


Filling Vehicles Travelling To And From Airports Is Good For The Environment And Can Help People Save Money


Sharing an airport transfer not only means that the cost of your trip is reduced, it is also better for the environment as it eliminates the need for a separate road journey. But how can people connect with others who will be on the same flight as them (or one that lands around the same time)? The team at have developed a solution where people can easily search a database of journeys posted by people keen to share their transfer. If there are no existing matches, a new journey can be created and added to the database in minutes.

On the other side of the equation, offers local taxi and transfer operators an opportunity to sell any spare capacity. Vehicles are often only booked one-way, which means that the return journey is made empty. Through, these empty seats can be offered to people who are looking for reasonably priced shared transfers allowing the transfer company to earn extra revenue.

“The benefits of sharing transfers go beyond the economic and environmental,” said Dia Barrett, Managing Director of FindTransfers. “The first few hours in a foreign country can be quite daunting. Sharing your journey from the airport is a great way to meet new people and the journey can go so much quicker when you have someone to chat to.” was launched in October 2012 to help connect people looking for airport transportation with local taxi and transfer companies. In the build-up to the European winter season, the main focus has been on helping people find the best transfers to all major alpine ski resorts, but the site is growing fast and now serves anyone looking for transfers from 40 airports and train stations across Europe.


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Shared Transfers vs Private Transfers

What are the pros and cons of Private and Shared Transfers?

Well, with Private Airport Transfers, you and whoever you are travelling with are met at the airport by your own driver. You are then taken straight to a waiting vehicle, and whisked off to your destination without delay (If you have booked with one of the companies on FindTransfers, your driver should even offer to carry your bags and / or push your trolley!).

Your driver will take you directly to your accommodation, and will help get you and all of your luggage / children in to your accommodation (Any driver who can carry more than 3 items or more than 45kg at once is definitely worth a tip). The advantage of booking Private Transfers directly with local companies is that during your journey your driver should be able to tell you what weather to expect, where are the best places to hang out during the day, and where offers the best happy hours! With a Private Transfer, you should also get some say in which radio station / iPod provides the soundtrack to your journey!

In our opinion, the biggest advantage of Private Transfers comes on your return journey. Your driver will pick you up and take you to the airport at the most convenient time for your flight. There will be no unnecessary waiting around at the airport. You will get to enjoy every last minute of your holiday.

Why doesn’t everyone book Private Airport Transfers? This high level of personalised service and a dedicated vehicle comes at a price. However, if you are travelling in a group of 4 or more, then you should ask for a quote for a Private Airport Transfer as the per person cost might pleasantly surprise you!

So, let’s look at Shared Airport Transfers. Firstly, the fact that you are sharing your transfer vehicle means that the cost is much lower than booking your own private transfer. Not only this, but sharing a vehicle with other people who are going to the same place is also much better for the environment, as you are reducing the amount of road journeys being made.

Another plus for shared transfers is that sharing a vehicle with other travellers at the beginning of your trip is a great way to meet new people.

The downside of shared transfers is that it sometimes involves a bit of compromise. You may have to wait at the airport for other flights to land so that vehicles are filled. Or on departure, you may have to leave earlier than you expected so that your vehicle can take people with earlier flights than your own. Your journey may also be slightly longer, as you have to drop people off at other accommodation. It is also unlikely that you will be able to play your own choice of music through the van’s stereo.

Our tips for booking a great shared transfer:

  1. Use the FindTransfers Shared Transfers Forum to find people on the same flight as you so you do not have to wait at the airport.
  2. Book a door-to-door service that takes you to your accommodation.
  3. Expect to have to make compromises. Take a good book and make the journey part of the holiday and think about the money you are saving!

There you have it – a quick guide to Private vs Shared Airport Transfers.

And where can you find all of the information you need in one place? is free to use and gets you the best quotes directly from local airport transfer companies.