Is Innsbruck Airport Reliable?

We have previously written an article about the difficulties sometimes faced when flying to Chambéry Airport in France, and since then we have had a few questions from people asking if Innsbruck Airport faces the same problems as Chambéry.

It is easy to see why you might worry about the reliability of flying in and out of Innsbruck Airport, as the airport is situated deep in the Inn valley, surrounded by high mountains and in an area that receives a lot of snowfall in the winter months.

While the terrain around Innsbruck Airport presents a challenge to pilots, the operation of the airport is far less affected by weather than Chambéry. Innsbruck is much more of a “proper” international airport than Chambéry, handling in the region of 1,000,000 passengers every year, compared to less than 250,000 at Chambéry Airport.

Planes will be diverted from Innsbruck Airport or delayed if there is poor visibility due to low cloud or fog, but the staff at the airport do a fantastic job of clearing snow from the runway and keeping the airport open.

We would say that while Innsbruck Airport does face challenges to keep its runway open in the winter, it is a fairly reliable airport. If you are looking for alternative airports, then if you are travelling to resorts in Western Austria you can consider flying to Zurich Airport or Munich Airport. Just click on the links to get great transfer quotes directly from local companies.