How to find ski transfers at the best price

Since 2012, has helped thousands of people find the best value ski transfers from airport to resort.


Get several prices for your ski transfers

Using to find ski transfers is very simple. You tell us which airport you are flying to, which ski resort you are going to, when you are travelling and how many people are in your party. We then send your ski transfer request to local airport transfer and taxi companies and they send you their best price.

We only work with small, local taxis and airport transfer companies so that you get the best quality ski transfers at the best possible price.

Book ski transfers with a local company

When you receive quotes for your ski transfers through, you will be able to see lots of information about the local company and their vehicles. This is different from using an online agent where you have no idea which actual company will meet you at the airport. With FindTransfers you can read about the different companies and see pictured of their vehicles before you choose which one you would like to use.

Reviews of ski transfer companies

New for this winter, you can read reviews of the local taxi and transport companies written by other FindTransfers users. We think that this is a great new feature and will give you confidence in the company that you are booking with.

You can also see a copy of the local company’s licence so that you can be confident that the company you choose for your ski transfers will get you where you need to go in comfort and safety.

Vehicles equipped for your ski transfers

The companies that you will find on FindTransfers for your ski transfers all have experience driving in winter conditions and know the local area well. All of their vehicles will be well equipped with snow tyres and plenty of space for skis and boards. Many of the companies go a little further and only use 4 wheel drive vehicles for your ski transfers.

Cheap Ski Transfers

At FindTransfers we can also help you find cheap ski transfers. Everyday there are hundreds of empty taxis and airport transfer vehicles travelling to or from the airport empty because they are on their way to pick people up or have just dropped off. Our system makes it easy for companies to advertise these empty vehicles at bargain prices so that you get a great deal and they do not have to drive for hours with an empty vehicle.

There really is no better option than using FindTransfers for your ski transfers this winter. You get to compare lots of local companies based on price, review score, quality of their vehicles and their company ethos.

Popular ski transfer airports

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Car hire vs Private Airport Transfers

When going on holiday it is getting easier to book our flights but then comes the problem – How are we going to get to our destination? Public transport is usually an option but it is not always convenient because of strict schedules and fixed drop off points. So usually it comes down to the decision between hiring a car and booking a transfer. Let’s see what the pros and cons are.

Car Hire

The definite advantage of hiring a car is the flexibility it gives you. You can pick your own route and stop as many times as you like on the way. Also you have a car available for the entire duration of your stay so you can explore the area and pop to the supermarket for essentials.

What you need to remember is that there can be extra costs on top of the price that you see on the car hire company’s website. To start with you will need a big enough car. If you are taking any sports equipment, like skis, golf clubs, etc then you can’t go for the smallest economy option. Also if you need child seats, snow chains or other extras then the hire company will charge extra for these. You might also need to take out extra insurance for the car.

On top of your car hire costs you also need to remember to add on fuel costs, motorway charges, parking fees, etc.

Before hiring a car, you should ask yourself how you like driving around airports. If you need to drop your car off at a major international airport then finding the car rental returns area is not always easy and can lead to panic if you don’t leave yourself enough time.

The other problem is of course that someone has to be the designated driver, for more than one driver you also need to pay extra. So you need someone who is confident enough to drive in a different country and who doesn’t mind missing out on the scenery and a glass of vino at lunch.

Private Transfers

Let us start with the advantages here as well. By booking a private transfer you know the exact cost and you can pay before you get there so it is one less thing to worry about. When you arrive at the airport your driver will be already waiting for you and you can set off on your journey straight away without queuing at the car hire desk and trekking to your rental car with all of your luggage.

Once in the car you can just sit back and relax until you arrive to your destination and you can forget about transfers for the entire duration of your stay. Your transfer company will advise you about the best pick up time for your flights. Their experience means that you don’t have to worry about timings. Most transfer companies have child seats for all ages and usually they don’t charge any extra.

Probably the main advantage of booking a private transfer is the experience of your driver. They have spent many years driving around the area so they know the roads really well and they also know how to deal with different conditions. Starting your holiday with driving in a snow storm and then trying to put snow chains on for the first time is less than ideal. Your driver might also know the best shortcuts to beat the worst of the holiday traffic and make sure you get to the airport on time.

The disadvantage of a transfer is of course the lack of flexibility. Your driver will be on a schedule and it can’t be guaranteed that there is time to stop for a supermarket shop on the way. You also don’t have the flexibility during your stay to hop in the car and go somewhere different. Private transfers also might work out more expensive if you are only going for a few days.

Unless you want to travel around during your holiday it is always worth comparing car hire prices with private transfer prices.

Getting quotes directly from local companies guarantees that you find the best prices and service. Fill in the form on our site and it will get sent to local firms who can then get back to you with their offer.

Why are airport transfers for 9 people so expensive?

Anyone who has organised a trip for 9 people might have had a shock when they saw the price that they were quoted for airport transfers. It can often be hundreds more expensive than it would have been for 8 passengers. Why is this?

The reason is due to vehicle licencing requirements. Minibuses that seat up to 9 people INCLUDING the driver, that is to say, minibuses with up to 8 passenger seats, are classed in exactly the same way as a car. There is no additional driving licence required, no tachograph required, no restrictions on drivers hours, and no additional costs on the motorway.  This means that most companies favour minibuses with up to 8 passenger seats.

In order to operate minibuses with more than 8 passenger seats, or larger coaches, then companies must employ drivers who have passed a further driving test giving them D1 entitlement (in the EU). The driver must then record all of the hours he has driven on an instrument called a tachograph, and must abide by drivers hours regulations. These regulations limit the number of hours that drivers can work and drive during a day, week or fortnight.

Bigger vehicles are also much more expensive than 9 seater minibuses – not only to buy, but also to run, as they use more fuel and cost more to maintain as they must be taken to specialist workshops.

So to answer the original question, transfers for 9 people are expensive because with most companies your group will need 2 vehicles. If you want a better price, you will have to find a company that operates larger vehicles. On, we have companies who specialise in all sizes of groups, so let us do the hard work for you. Fill in our simple enquiry form and get quotes from several airport transfer companies.